Saturday, October 1, 2011

What's Your Plan For Extra Christmas Money

There are so many businesses out there that it's sometimes hard to choose what's the best company to invest your time into. When analyzing a business I always look for certain components: free to join, anyone can do it, potential for growth, solid revenue base and a product that everyone uses but no one has truly capitalized on it yet. I've always found businesses that have fit those components and I've made quite a bit of money, but the earnings eventually begin to dwindle because of one thing: human nature.....the lack of commitment.

 Free businesses like PeopleString that have the potential to put $100's to $1000's to 10's of thousands of dollars per month in the pocket of the average joe or average jane worldwide, if they commit to a 6 minutes a day short activity, don't realize it's true potential because of this lack of commitment. So after analyzing tons of companies, there is one company that I believe has truly broken the code.

A lot of people will say that they've broken the code, but they really haven't. A lot of companies will say that they've found the golden egg, but they really haven't. This company not only has all the right components, but the timing is perfect! Viradyne Link180. They have taken an acceptable business model and tweaked it so that now YOU earn money from it and tap into the $20 billion a year industry that will make many a sizable income.

Viradyne Link180 is simple a new customizable search engine like AOL, MSN, Google, Yahoo, CNN or Bing. The only difference between their search engine and ours is that Viradyne Link180 is customizable and they pay you for your loyalty. They pay you when you make them your homepage. Many of you reading this have had AOL, Yahoo, CNN, Facebook and etc. as your homepage for years, but one thing I can guarantee is that even though those companies earn millions to billions a year because you've made them your homepage, they have never sent you a thank you check for being loyal to them. I had Yahoo as my homepage for years and before that AOL and no one ever even sent me a thank you.

Now some of you reading this won't understand and may not even care, but every entrepreneur and every person looking to put some bread on the table will care. They'll want to know how these companies do it and how can they cash in. If you remember, I said that this was a $20 billion dollar industry funded by ADVERTISING. Advertising is big business. And just like Facebook, if you are able to bring massive amounts of people to a site.....the advertisers will line up in droves. Because they can't sell their products, if they don't have your eyeballs to see them.

So Yahoo, Google and Bing share 97% of the $20 billion per year generated through search engine advertising. Wow! And the other 3% is shared between #4, and the other search engines out there. Viradyne Link180 is now in 4 countries and growing fast: the U.S, Canada, Australia and the U.K. With more countries opening up soon.

This is a worldwide opportunity where everyone can earn and for those that see the opportunity in this, it will be life-changing! The business is simple. You sign up, make Viradyne Link180 your homepage, Log in (never logging out) and spread the word. Viradyne Link180 still has all the great news that you love and a world class search engine to do your searches. And remember, you can customize your links with greater customizable features coming very soon.

After you refer Viradyne Link180 to 5 friends and they become active, you will then earn .50 cents to $1 per month per person on your 1st level. This is based on advertising. Your first level goes into infinity. You will then earn money from the people that they refer and that those people refer 8 levels deep. So if you personally refer 1000 people, then you may earn as little as $500 per month to as much as $1000 per month just from your personal referrals. Not even mentioning those that are in your downline. But let's say you just earned .30 cents per person on your 1st level. That would still be awesome! $300 per month from just your first level on a site that is 100% free and you're not required to click anything or do anything. You just get great news and a phenomenal search engine. Viradyne Link180 pays you once a month via ACH (direct deposit) or Alertpay which is like Paypal. This is a business that will pay you beyond the Thanksgiving,
Hanukkah and Christmas Season holiday season. Don't think about doing it, do it!

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