Sunday, September 25, 2011

Link180 Helping The Average Family In These Struggling Times

So everyone has heard about Link180, but not everyone really understands it and how it can help their family in these struggling economic times. Simply put, Link180 is the next generation customizable homepage/search engine like Yahoo, MSN, AOL, CNN and more. What makes Link180 different from every other homepage/search engine is that you are paid for making it your homepage and sharing it with 5 other people who make it their homepage too. You also have the ability to change where your standardized links take you to. For example, Yahoo's 'mail' link will only take you to Yahoo's mail, but Link180's 'mail' link will take you to whatever email service you like whether it's PeopleString's powerful email service or Gmail's worldwide recognizable email service. It's really all up to you or you can leave your links preset to the most popular sites that are on the internet.

Is the service free? Link180 is 100% free. You will never be asked for any money.

How do I earn money? You simply make Link180 your homepage and you share the site with 5 other people that make it their homepage.

What's a homepage? When you click on your browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, Google Chrome) to connect to the internet, the first webpage that opens up is your homepage.

What if I don't want to change my homepage? To get paid, you do need to change your homepage. But there is a way to make Link180 and your other favorite site your homepage. Link180 just has to be first. It's very simple and we have videos and team support to show you how.

Will I be sacrificing great news? No way! Link180 has the hottest news right at your fingertips and remember it's a customizeable website to bring what you like to the forefront.

How does Link180 earn money? Simple. The same acceptable model that Google, Youtube, Facebook, Yahoo, Bing and more use to earn money is that same model that Link180 uses. The difference is that those guys don't pay you for your loyalty and Link180 does.

Do I have to download anything? No. Link180 is a website like every other standard website. There is nothing to download.

How much do I get paid? You will be paid anywhere from .50 cents to $1 per person. Your first level horizontally goes to infinity and goes 8 vertically. So you will earn money when those that you refer, refer others and they refer others and so on and so forth all the way down 8 levels.

Does Link180 share my personal information? Like Facebook, Google or any site on the internet there is information shared. Any information gathered by Link180 is to make your experience on Link180 better. Your information will not be sold. You will receive an occasional email from the company letting you know about enhancements, milestones and etc. It may be possible you may receive an email from a partner of Link180, but nothing intrusive. If you don't want emails, we suggest using an email address other than your main email address when signing up.

How do we get paid? You are paid using Alertpay and ACH (direct deposit) Alertpay is a payment service like Paypal and it free and very well-known.

Is this a worldwide opportunity? Yes. Currently anyone can sign up and grow an organization, but until the company officially launches in those countries payment will not be made. The U.S has already launched and first payout is slated for October 15th. Australia, the U.K and Canada are in pre-launch until October 1st when they will officially launch. First payout day for those countries will be November 15th. Just in time for Christmas. Once those countries launch, more countries will be put into the pre-launch phase. So the time to build is now.

Is it difficult to share this? Was it difficult to get people to join Myspace, Facebook, Google+ or any of these social networks out there? What if you were paid $1 a month for each friend you have on Myspace, Facebook, Google+, etc., would that be exciting? This is what Link180 is opportunity to get paid for something that people are already doing....reading what's going on in the world, checking their mail
and doing searches.

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