Sunday, September 18, 2011

A few months ago, I was addressed with this question: "What if you could earn additional money doing something that you already do....without having to do tedious tasks everyday or be committed to investing money? Well being in internet marketing, I was use to these types of questions.... but because I'm an entrepreneur by nature, I was interested in what this guy was talking about. So, I told him sure. Tell me what you got. He said there was a next generation homepage/search engine that would generate me money by making it my homepage and referring it to 5 other people. He had my full attention right away. My next question was what do I have to do and how much will all this cost me. He said, all I would have to do is make it my homepage and do my searches using the Google tool bar. There is no fee.....ever. This sounded way to easy. My next question was, "Where is the money coming from and how will I be paid." He said, "Viradyne Link180 is a website just like Yahoo, MSN, AOL and etc. The model that they use to generate money, through advertising, is the same acceptable model that they and many other websites use. So every penny comes from advertising. Think about Facebook. How does a free to join site become valued in the billions of dollars. Where does the money come from? Any time you are able to get masses of people to one place that groups of people visit regularly, it is an advertisers dream and they spend big money to put their products in front of the eyes of the public. Making Viradyne Link180, your homepage gives the advertisers the opportunity to do that and because of your loyalty to Viradyne Link180, they share the profits." As I soon learned, payments will be made once a month and paid either by ACH (Direct Deposit) or Alertpay which is similar to Paypal. I also learned that for each person you refer after you get 5 active people, you will earn .50 cents to $1 per month which is huge. That means that if you were responsible for referring 10,000 people then you would get a check for $10,000 on the high side or $5,000 on the low end. But what if you just earned .30 cents per person? That would still be're talking about $3000 per month for something that is totally free and that people are doing anyway. Currently Viradyne Link180 is in the U.S, but it is also in Pre-Launch in the U.K, Canada and Australia. It will officially launch in those countries on October 1, 2011. Once those countries launch, more countries will go into Pre-Launch. People that are reading this blog have the opportunity in all these countries to grow a massive organization and make some serious money especially in these economic times where being entrepreneurial will be you best means of creating additional income.

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