Friday, October 21, 2011

Link180.CO Pays

How's it going team!  I just wanted to say Hooray!!!! Link180 Viradyne does pay.  Everyone that has at least 5 active 'homepagers'
in their downline was paid.  This continues to be the simplest business on this planet.  What company do you know of that will pay you
cash just for making a great site your homepage and inviting 5 others to do the same?  What company do you know of that will continue
to pay you monthly just for using their search engine for your general searches?  That's right.  No one.  Google won't pay you.  Yahoo won't
pay you.  MSN won't pay you.  No one will.

We are working to unseat #5 AOL and we can't do it without you and without your dedication.   We need everyone to make their general
searches using Link180.  It's a change.....I understand that.  But it's an easy change.  For some of you that are too young to remember
Google and Yahoo in their infancy, they didn't have all these great features automatically.  All this stuff came with time as it will with Link180.
By using the Link180 search engine, we bring more money to the company and to OURSELVES.  When we bring more money to the company, they are
able to make advancements in the site.  They are able to bring in better programmers.  They are able to give us everything needed to create
an absolute tsunami of a site!

Here is a quote I found today:  'I talked to 1,200 people, 900 said No, 300 said Yes, 85 worked, 35 worked harder and 11 made me a Millionaire.'' Bill Britt.

In this business you have keep fighting.  You have to keep pushing forward.  You have to keep believing.  And you have to understand that this is a
numbers game.  It's about how many people can you share this with.  You can't be afraid.  You can't be scared.  You can't be a coward.  If you know
that you have the best product in the world.....If you know that you can change a lot of lives.....If you know that you are unstoppable....then there
is no one in the world that can tell you what you're doing is wrong.
I challenge anyone to show me something easier than this.....something simpler than this.  Something that has the potential of making someone a 
millionaire if they work hard.  No one can, because there isn't anything simpler that asks for less time commitment than what we're doing right now. 
You don't have to have a PHD.  You don't have to be the smartest person in the world.  You just have to have common sense and 
most importantly.....a vision.....and not let some other opportunity that's draining your time and money over shadow what Link180 can do for you and 
your family. 

So Team, right now we are entering the Holiday period. People have money on their minds and how they can make more of it.  There is no better 
time than now to grow your business.  There is no better time than now to set in motion an empire for yourself from a site that is 100% free
and asks for way less personal information than Facebook, Twitter, Linkin and etc. to get started.  There is no better time than now to leave a 
legacy that will forever be in your family's history books.  It's up to you.  You have the right product.  It's the right time.  You just have to
get out there and do it!

Now your question may be:  How do I get started?  What do I do?  
First you need to get people to the pre-recorded webinar.  Second, follow up with them and answer any of their questions.  
Third, make sure they get signed up. Fourth, help them to repeat this process.  Fifth, Continue to invite, invite and invite.
It really is just that simple.  There is no special formula.  Now if you want a customized plan, then you need to join our Facebook
group: Team Viradyne and follow the 30 day plan for success.  It might take some 30 days and it might take some 15 days, but you
work it at your own pace.

Lastly, everyone needs to make sure that Link180 is their homepage on the browser that they use the most.  If you use 2 different
browsers then Link180 needs to be the primary homepage on both browsers.  So please make sure that you check and see if you are 
active.  Non active people don't get paid.  Also, multiple accounts don't help us grow this business.  New blood is what will grow this

My goal is for everyone to get paid.  But it will not and it can't happen if you are not working to make it happen.  This is our business and 
we all have to take ownership in it.  Link180 is taking off is a massive way and if it gets to the size of Google it won't be because of luck.  It will be 
because we saw the vision and we worked to make it a reality.

So with everything said, it's time to work our butts off so that we can all have a great December check.....right before Xmas!  And whatever I can 
do to help you make this happen, just ask.

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