Friday, November 11, 2011

We Just Got Paid by Viradyne Link180

How's it going everyone?  I continue to be excited....charged up.....pumped up about what I would consider the greatest business that I've been apart of and an absolute blessing to anyone that dares to open their eyes and see how powerful this business is.  Yes!  I'm talking about Link180....a state-of-the-art customizable search engine that pays.....YOU.... for your loyalty when you make it your homepage and share this absolutely 'wicked' page with 5 others that make it their homepage too.

Now this business sounds simple.....and you know what?  It is.  It's not suppose to be hard.  It's not suppose to be difficult and if you work it fast and work it hard, it'll pay you like nothing you've ever seen before.

What Link180 has done is allowed you....the average tap into the $20 billion online
advertising industry that until now.....YOU were locked out of.  Currently 3 search engines share 97%
of this money:  Bing, Yahoo and Google. 

What Link180 is turning the tables around.  They are rewarding YOU for your loyalty and putting money back into the pockets of you and your family.  Let me ask you a question?  When was the last time you received a check Yahoo?  When was the last time you received a check from Bing, AOL or MSN?  I can tell you this.....I've never received a check or a thank you of any kind and yet by having these guys as my homepage I am one of the millions of contributors that make these companies billions.

Now a few of you are saying, "We get great email,  we get great searches, we get so many great tools."  Sure the tools are nice, but you can get great tools from anywhere.  Besides, the sole purpose of these tools are to keep you using the service and to keep that steady stream of money flowing into the company's pockets....more money than they even know what to do that allow them to spend millions and billions to buy out other companies to insure their dominance and keep you dependent upon them.

So how are these companies able to do it?  Where is the money coming from?  It's simple.  Advertising.  Advertising is the primary means by which the rich get richer.  Anytime there is a place where massive amounts of people come, then advertisers want to be there. Think about the last time you were at a 
fair, concert or sporting event. Were there advertisements?  Yes!!!  It is the bread and butter of any business.  

Facebook, Yahoo, MSN, Bing and all these sites attract a mob of people and capitalize from those advertising dollars.  Link180 is now enabling you to take some of these dollars and put them back into your pocket. For many, an extra $10, $50 or $100 a month would be a blessing.  For others that get the picture, they'll earn thousands to ten's of thousands of dollars a month.  And all this from a site that is totally FREE and doesn't require you to do a thing except for your basic searches. You'd have to almost be blind not to see it.

Now there will always be fearful and misguided people that believe that everyone is out to get their personal information or that everything is a scam.  Link180 doesn't want your personal information and they do pay.  Link180 is not Facebook, Twitter or any of those other sites you are apart of.  They don't want your personal information and they don't care to have it.  Link180 only seeks to give you the best experience possible and pay YOU for helping them become #1.  What could simpler than that?

So if you're a work at home mom, college student, retiree or anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit that is looking to help us build the largest search engine ever and get paid for it, then you've found a home here.

Listen to a couple of our Link180 Viradyne stars!


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