Saturday, July 14, 2012

Powerful Viradyne Link180 Update For 2012

     How's it going Team Viradyne. I'm excited to talk to you today about the exciting changes that have taken place with Viradyne Link180.  It is an honor to be part of a company with men and woman that are fearless....that aren't wimps...that aren't afraid to take this industry by storm.  Every month in this company, I see some type of enhancement....I see some type of change that makes this site not only more powerful....but more user friendly for all that use it.  So remember this is our baby....and just like any baby it has to be fed and nurtured the right things to grow up to be big and strong....and that's what's happening with Viradyne Link180

     Ladies and Gentlemen we have now moved from 4 countries and a few territories to 69 countries world wide with our free opportunity reaching over 1 billion people around the globe.  Wow! That's right, I said it! So if you're serious about this business, the money that you can earn could set you up financially for life....but you got to be all in.  You can't sort of kind of do "Link180."  Do you sort of kind of go to work.  Do you sort of kind of get paid. You're either in it or you're not.  I for one am in it to win it.  But think about it....a billion people....Spain, Germany, the U.K, the U.S., Australia, Canada and over 60 more countries.  Everyone has the opportunity to cash in.  Whether your goal is to make an additional $20 per month, $200 per month, $2,000 or $20,000 per month, it can be done!

     Remember, this is not rocket science. This is not about trying to scam someone or fool someone.  Viradyne Link180 has stayed compliant with all laws and continues to do so.  They will not be gone tomorrow.  They will not be gone the next day.  They will be with us, locking arms, to take this business to the top.  And we need everyone to lace up their boots, put on their fatigues, load their weapons and come out fighting.  

     Next Viradyne Link180 has made it incredibly simple to stay active.  There is no reason.  I will repeat this.  There is no reason in the world why people should not know why they are not active. And there should be no reason why they shouldn't be active with what Viradyne Link180 has released.  In your back office, not only do you have your activity meter but now there is a point system that shows you exactly what you need to be deemed active.  Here are the requirements: 

        To be Active, a Link180™ user must do three things:

1. Make Link180™ their internet homepage.
2. Visit the Link180™ homepage at least 30 times per month, with        maximum credit for 5 visits per day. (Average 1 per day).
3.  Perform at least 90 Link180™ searches per month, with                  maximum credit for 15 searches per day.  (Average 3 per day).

     It is so simple. It is so easy.  There is no way that you could not be successful at this!  

     Next for those that are interested in the paid opportunity and want to widen their market to countries like India or the Phillipines, Viradyne has created a division for you and the earnings from this can also be substantial.

     In addition to all these improvements, Viradyne Link180 has created additional reports and forms that will make managing this
business even better.

     So what are you waiting for?  The holidays are 5 months from now. So don't wait until there is snow on the ground and Christmas music in the air before you decide to get paid! 

Special note: If you have not joined our Facebook group: Team Viradyne, it is important that you and everyone you do invite do so.  This is how we stay connected and marching to the same beat of the same drummer.  

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