Thursday, March 22, 2012

Gas Prices Go Up & Viradyne Link180 Keeps Paying

     Just everyday people banning together to earn extraordinary income. Wow!  What an introduction. In this day and age, when gas prices are going through the roof and food prices are sure to follow, it's good to know that there is a company out there that has given everyone the opportunity to stay ahead of the wave....that has given everyone the opportunity to stay afloat by capitalizing on the very industry that has made Facebook, Linkin, Twitter and many more so powerful.  ADVERTISING.  Advertising is the means in which the rich become richer.  Advertising is simply the money you spend on goods and services being redirected to you, to get you to buy more of  that same product.  The problem with this equation is that you continue to buy, but you get nothing back in return...except for the product. What if your grocery store decided to take it's huge advertising budget and spend it on it's customers. Wouldn't it be nice if your grocery store paid you a % back in cash every month just for shopping at their store and then paid you a % of the purchases made by each person that you invited to that store and the people that they invited down 8 levels.  Can you imagine all the extra money that you could make just by spreading the word to your family and friends.  And what's even better, it wouldn't cost YOU anything.  It would be 100% free.

     Well if you like that idea, then you'll love Link180. Link180 is a search engine like Yahoo, AOL, CNN etc.  The big difference is when you make it the first page that pops up when you connect to the internet and share it with others, you get paid.  You get paid just like the grocery store that decided to pay it's advertising to you.
It's just that simple.

     Link180 wants to become a household name.  In order to do it, we need YOU.  Join us for free.   Click here.

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