Friday, December 2, 2011

Get Rid Of The Bag Of Excuses and Get Paid

With the explosion of the internet and new people daily looking for opportunities on the internet, it seems as if everyone is trying to get the one big sale or trying to get to the top of a compensation system that in most businesses only supports 2% of it's members while everyone is stuck at the bottom holding them up.  And they try to do it selling ridiculous products that people don't really need or that they can get for free.  Some of these programs include: gold dust, text messages sent to your phone by advertisers (who in the hell want's their telephone turned into an junk email inbox), programs that promise to brand you (heck, I'm branded by writing free blogs, making Youtube videos and etc), programs that cost $10 a month, programs that get you to join for free and then up-sell you for $100's so you can be in the 'inner circle' group. Or how about programs that promise to give you all these great tools and when you join they ask you to pay more to get what they already promised you and a trash bag full of more.  And if a handful do achieve a little success they believe that they've gotten the "Holy Grail." Bull.  

Those that have acquired wealth understand that massive success  doesn't come from the one big sale that people make once or twice if at all.  It's comes from multiple transactions (10 cents here, 5 cents there, 2 cents here and a 1 penny over there) using a medium that most people are doing, but few people ever get paid from it.  

Who on the internet doesn't use a search engine?  Who on the internet doesn't use the yellow pages to the information highway?  Everyone does.  Everyone that uses the internet uses a search engine.  Why do you think Facebook is going into this business?.... to tap into that same $20 billion a year industry that you can claim part of today. This is a total no-brainer.  There is nothing to consider.  There is nothing to think about. There is nothing to decide.  You don't have to ask your upline if it's ok to do it.  You don't have to ask your mom if it's ok to do it. You don't have to ask your friend that has never earned a penny online, if it's ok to do it.  If I have to put food on the table and get a job, I don't have to ask someone if it's ok to do it.  I just do it. That's what we call leadership.  That's what leaders do.

The best opportunities that are in existence today are businesses that capitalize on advertising dollars. Why?  Because regardless of what happens in the world, people will have to advertise to keep money in their pocket.  How do you think the rich stay rich?  Advertising.  And they use all or part of your money to do it.  Advertising is simply taking the dollars that you have already spent on a product or service and redirecting it through some type of ad or advert so that more of your hard earned money is spent to buy more of the same product or service.

If you could get all or part of this money back, would you do it?
If you could tap into this funnel of free cash without any investment or any up-selling, would you do it?  If you knew for a fact that this could change your life and that of your family, would you do it?  If you knew that this simple website could put $100's, $1,000's or more in your pocket every month, would you do it?  If you answered yes, then welcome aboard to Link180.  You've just made the wisest decision in your life.

Now there are going to be some people out there that won't see it.... because it's too simple.  They don't understand that 'Simple' makes money.  The reason that McDonald's is so successful is that they took a product that everyone loves and created a simple system....a simple business model around it.  That's why you can go to any McDonald's in the world and see it being run efficiently by high school kids.  Viradyne Link180 is not meant to be hard.  It's not meant to be complex.  It's meant to be easy.  It's meant to be free.  It's meant to put real cash in the majority of people's pocket....not just the top 2%.

There are going to be others that can't see it too, because they've been lied to and deceived by so many companies that they couldn't see the truth or the opportunity, if you painted it on their faces. 
Everything to them is a scam. 

So what we're looking for are everyday people, like you and me that want something more....that need something more.  This isn't a
business for an 18 to 28 year old kid still playing video games, making Facebook and other search engines money and still trying to find themselves in this 'jungle.'  We're not saying that there aren't exceptions to the rule, but the percentage is small.

This business is for the 30+, 40+ and 50+ year old that understands something about life....that understands work and commitment.... and wants something that will pay them over and over again for a job well done the first time.  They understand that if they're going to make a change for themselves and their families, the time has to be now and this is the vehicle to do it!

For many of you this is scary.  But being broke and hungry is a lot scarier than starting a new opportunity.  But don't worry.  There is support....there is help.  Our team wants you to be successful and will give you the tools to get there.  But it's not going to happen just by using the tools.  It's going to happen because 'you're sick and tired or being sick and tired' going to come from your passion and your commitment to take this to the top.

One thing that we have that the average 20 year old kid doesn't passion.... and life long lessons learned.  You see... they have to go work for someone for several years, have that person treat them like an animal, pay them at or below poverty level, before they wake-up and figure out that being an entrepreneur....that working for yourself.... is the only way to pull yourself out of the trenches and make a better life for you and your family.  Life has to teach them this and unfortunately some don't learn it until they are in their 40's and their time is almost over.

So, ladies and gentlemen, don't worry about passing this on to the college kids or the youth unless you know they're serious.  Don't worry about the naysayers or the alligators.  And yes, I said alligators.  You see, the alligators are the people with little bitty brains and big mouths.  They are the dream-stealers....they are the one's with the big big mouths that claim to know everything.....they are the one's that know all the answers on 'Jeopardy,' but they don't have any money in their pockets.  Don't worry about them.

In ending, we invite you to lock arms with Team Viradyne and help us become number 1.  If it happens, it won't be because of luck.  It won't be because of chance.  It won't be because of some dumb accident.  It will be because we made it that way.....because we had the vision to see it and the faith to explode it.  Don't let this opportunity pass you up, get started now.  The time it takes you to read this, you could have already signed up, sent your referrals out and started making money.  Click here.

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